You asked: Why did the lawyer not bother much about finding Lutkins?

Answer: The lawyer could not find Lukens because the hack driver, Bill himself was Lukens. ‘Inca the lawyer had not seen or met him before, he could not identify him and Lukens took adman tautly.

What does the lawyer say about Lutkins?

What does Bill say about Lutkins? Answer: Bill told the lawyer that Lutkins was a hard person to find as he was always busy in some activity or the other. He owed money to many people, including Bill, and had never paid back anybody. He also said that Lutkins played a lot of poker and was good at deceiving people.

Why could the lawyer not find Lutkins How did he feel when he found Lutkins the next day?

As Lutkins himself accompanied the lawyer disguised as Bill, he could not find Lutkins. Lutkin was befooling him with the support of the villagers. … Considering that the lawyer had come to collect some money from Lutkins, he informed him that Lutkins owed money to many people but he had never even paid anybody a cent.

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How did Lutkins make the lawyer a wise person?

The driver told him that Oliver was a nasty man who owed debt to many people. He also cunningly extracted information from the lawyer that he needed Lutkins for some court case. … Bill somehow traps the lawyer in his story and they visit different places in search of Lutkins. He always asks the lawyer stay behind.

Why does the hack driver of a to ask about Oliver Lutkins?

The hack driver offers to ask about Oliver lutkens because hack driver was none other than Oliver Lutkins himself. He did not wish to take the summons and go as a witness. So, he pretended to be a hack driver. He offered to help the lawyer so that the lawyer could not come to know about him from someone else.

What more does Bill says about Lutkins and his family?

Bill told that Lutkins was a clever man and hard enough to catch him. He was always upto something or other. He told that Lutkin’s mother was a terror. … And he might have escaped and hided over his mother’s farm after listening the news of the summons from the court.

Why are lawyers sent to Mullion?

Answer: The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to serve a summons on Oliver Lutkins, who was needed as a witness in a law case.

How did the lawyer feel when he found Lutkins the next day?

How did the lawyer feel after knowing that the hack driver was Oliver Lutkins himself? shocked and his feelings were hurt when the man told him that Bill or the hack driver was Lutkins himself. “He was so open and friendly that I glowed with the warmth of his affection”.

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What is the moral of the story the hack driver?

`The Hack Driver’ is the story of a very cunning manipulator Bill (Oliver Lutkins). It also shows that appearances are often deceptive. Once, the narrator, a junior clerk in a law firm, had to go to New Mullion to serve a summon to Oliver Lutkins.

What really hurt the feeling of narrator in the story the hack driver?

What really hurt the feelings of the narrator in the story, ‘The Hack Driver’ ? Answer: The narrator was under the impression that the country people were honest, simple and helpful. Such impression made him gullible because he was easily befooled by the hack driver who himself was Oliver Lutkins.

How did Lutkins mother act when the lawyer went to visit her?

When Bill told to the lutkin’s mother that the narrator is a lawyer and he come here to search her property. Lutkin’s mother invited them in kitchen and took out an iron rode froM stove and threatened them to burn them by that . Then she chased them out and laughed on them.

Do we come across persons like Lutkins?

Do we come across persons like Lutkins only in fiction or do we encounter them in real life as well? You can give examples from fiction, or narrate an incident that you have read in the newspaper, or an incident from real life. Answer: Persons like Lutkins are found in real life as well.

Why did the lawyer consider returning to New mullion to settle down?

Answer: Answer: After his first day’s experience with the hack driver, the lawyer had considered returning to New Mullion to practise law. However, he realised during his second visit that he had been literally taken for a ride by the hack driver (who himself was Lutkins).

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Why is sulekha called Bholi?

Answer: Sulekha is called ‘Bholi’ because she is a simpleton due to her suffering some brain damage after falling off a cot when she was ten months old. As a result, she is not as smart as children of her age.

How was the hack driver recognized?

The lawyer was rebuked by his boss who told him to go back to New Mullion with a person who knew Lutkins. When they reached there, he found Bill and Lutkins’ mother together. The man recognized Lutkins. This way the hack driver was recognized.

Why did the hack driver helped the narrator?

Explanation: The hack driver offered to help the narrator to look for Oliver Lutkins as he thought of playing a prank on the narrator. The hack driver himself was the Lutkins. When he came to know that the narrator had never seen Lutkins, he planned to make fool of the narrator.

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