Who plays the lawyer in seinfeld?

Seinfeld Revisited: Phil Morris reflects on playing Jackie Chiles (Kramer’s lawyer) | KLEW.

Who was the lawyer in Seinfeld?

Jackie Chiles

Who plays Jackie Chiles?

Phillip Morris

What is Kramer’s lawyers name?

Jackie Chiles

How old is Phil Morris?

61 год (4 апреля 1959 г.)

Who is Phil Morris father?

Greg Morris

Who is Greg Morris son?

Phil Morris

What happened to Greg Morris?

LAS VEGAS (AP) _ Actor Greg Morris, who played quiet, efficient electronics expert Barney Collier in the “Mission: Impossible″ television series, has died at age 61 after a recent battle with brain cancer. Morris was found dead at home Tuesday.

Who was Greg Morris married to?

Leona Morrism. 1956–1995

Who played Sue Ellen Mischke on Seinfeld?

Brenda Lee Strong

Who told you to put the balm on?

Jackie Chiles

What is Phil Morris worth?

Phil Morris Net Worth: $100 MillionPer Day:Per Hour:Per Minute:$70,000$3,000$50

Is Greg Morris alive?

Deceased (1933–1996)

Is Phil Morris married?

Carla Gittelsonm. 1983

How tall is Phil Morris?

6ft ½ in (184.2 cm) American Actor, known for roles in Smallville and Seinfeld.

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