Question: What happens in theodore boone kid lawyer?

The Plot. Exposition: Theo Boone and his class went on a field trip to see the opening day of the new murder trial. In the trial, a man named Pete Duffy is accused of killing his wife. His lawyer is Clifford Nance and the lawyer for the prosecution, the State, is Jack Hogan.

What is the plot of Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer?

Thirteen year-old Theodore Boone gives legal advice to friends at school. He gets in over his head, though, when an illegal immigrant who has witnessed a murder seeks his help. Theo uses his great knowledge of the legal system — and a little help from his lawyer parents — to see that justice is done.

What genre is Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer?

Юридическая драмаДетская литература

Who are the characters in Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer?

Theodore Boone : Kid Lawyer

  • Mr. and Mrs. Boone. Mr. …
  • Ike. Ike is Theo’s uncle and is a small time tax man. Theo visits Ike once every week at his apartment. …
  • Mr. Duffy. Pete Duffy is a man accused of murdering his wife Myra. …
  • Julio Pena. Julio Pena is the cousin of the surprise witness. He is the one that tells Theo about what his cousin saw Mr.
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How many pages does Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer have?

Theodore Boone: Kid LawyerFirst edition coverAuthorJohn GrishamPages263 (Hardcover 1st edition)ISBN978-1-4447-1448-7 (Hardcover 1st edition), ISBN 978-1-4447-1449-4 (Trade Paperback)Followed byTheodore Boone: The AbductionЕщё 7 строк

How old is Theo Boone?


What is the theme of Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer?

The Theme. I think the theme of this story is: You are never too young to help people out.

Is Theodore Boone a movie?

The Movie Trailer.

What is the setting of Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer?

Boone is a kind, independent 13-year-old student who resides in the medium-sized city of Strattenburg, Pennsylvania, with his parents: Woods Boone, a real estate lawyer, and Marcella Boone, a divorce attorney. Theo dreams of following in their footsteps one day, becoming either a lawyer or judge.

What did Ike do in Theodore Boone?

Ike Boone: Theo’s uncle. Ike was a former lawyer who had started the Boone & Boone Firm. He was a tax lawyer, who was disbarred after his did something wrong.

Where is Strattenburg located?


Where does Theodore Boone the abduction take place?


Law office