Frequent question: Who is the maricopa county attorney?

Who is the District Attorney of Arizona?

Michael Bailey

Who is the Phoenix city attorney?

Brad Holm

Who is Allister Adel Arizona?

During her more than seven years as a Deputy County Attorney, she served in the Vehicular Crimes, Gang, and Drug Enforcement bureaus. Allister also served as the Chief Administrative Law Judge for the Arizona Department of Transportation and later as General Counsel for the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

Who is the Maricopa County public defender?

Gary Kula

How do I get a public defender in Arizona?

Who is entitled to a public defender in Arizona?

  1. The citizen is facing criminal prosecution in justice or superior court.
  2. The criminal charges carry potential jail time.
  3. The citizen cannot afford to hire a private attorney.

What county is Phoenix AZ in?

Maricopa County

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