How did isaac wright jr become a lawyer?

After his conviction was overturned, Wright went to college, per Prison Legal News, and then he went to law school. He graduated in 2007, passed the New Jersey State bar exam in 2008, fought with the bar’s Committee On Character for almost a decade, and finally became a real-life practicing attorney in September 2017.

How many years did Isaac Wright Jr serve?

seven years

Did Isaac Wright Jr sue?

In July 1991, Wright and his wife filed a civil lawsuit against the State and several law enforcement agencies and employees, including employees of the SCPO.

Is Isaac Wright Jr still practicing law?

He was wrongfully convicted as the kingpin behind one of the largest drug distribution networks in New Jersey. However, he now practices law in the same courtroom where he was sentenced to life behind bars.

How did Isaac Wright Jr prove his innocence?

In a journey to prove his own innocence, Wright found a natural talent he didn’t know he possessed. “The first time I picked up a law book, it was like I had done it all my life,” Wright says.

How long was Isaac Wright Jr in jail before being released?

seven years

What was Isaac Wright Jr convicted of?

A Somerset County jury found Isaac Wright, Jr., guilty of drug-related offenses involving the sale of cocaine. His convictions included a charge of being a drug kingpin within the meaning of N.J.S.A. 2C:35-3.

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